♥ ~ Kizzies Keepsake Quilts ~ 

Keepsake Quilt-36

Those beautiful baby clothes you just cant bring yourself to throw out…
Are they just sitting there in a box or on a shelf gathering dust?
Allow me to turn them into a beautiful Keepsake Quilt for you!!

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New Custom Design

♥ ~ Kizzies Keepsake Pocket Pillows ~ 

Keepsake Quilt-44

A great addition to your child’s bed – A Keepsake Pocket Pillow!
Features a prominent pocket selected from your child’s clothing.
Great to use for when the tooth fairy comes to visit!


I look forward to working with you and creating your Keepsake Quilt that will be cherished forever.


By Kizzie


  • Kizzie, I love your new web site. You did a bang up job of putting it together. Congrats, and good luck on your new venture.

  • Kizzie, we miss you too, love your new website and your adventures. Couldn’t figure out the page to vote for you…am very happy for you!


  • Hi,

    I was going to try and make one of these for my niece for her first birthday but with printed photo’s do you make any kind at all?

  • After my 18-year-old son died following complications from a bone marrow transplant, I couldn’t bear to part with his “blankie”. He was a strapping, VERY handsome athlete/student with a big group of friends. He insisted on taking his blankie with him when he was hospitalized. He told me that it comforted him when he was little, and it reminded him of home… When his brother had a son, “Aaron” became his middle name in memory. I cut around the worn/loved spots and created a teddy bear for him, for them both…

    • Shoot, so that’s that one supesspo.

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